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Jayatissa Haruma-Tantirige  

I joined Geneva a few months ago and so far found working for them very enjoyable. Consultants are very friendly and approachable; respond promptly to all the requests and enquiries. I get as many shifts as I need every week and placed in the wards that suit my skills and personality. I am also very much impressed with the performance of the payroll department; the communication from them is just great.
Geneva’s pay rates are competitive and you accumulate a quite handsome amount of holiday money.
Working in different hospital environments I gained a lot of knowledge and experience of dealing with the issues specific to the particular wards in all the areas of my practice e.g. Policies, communication, clinical skills etc.
I also find the work very rewarding, feel my skills are appreciated and valued. For consistently excellent feedback from hospitals I got a Thank You card signed by all the Geneva’s staffs and John Lewis vouchers.
I really enjoy representing Geneva in hospitals. The uniform is very smart and professional and helps instantly win trust of the patients. I recommended Geneva to a lot of nurses from other agencies that I worked with during my placements.

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