Get an overview of immigration requirements for the UK here. We can assist you with finding health employment in the UK.

Immigration Requirements

With the exception of new member states, Romania and Bulgaria, all EU citizens are eligible to work in the UK without a work permit. However, if you plan to work for an employer for more than a month, individuals from Czech Republic; Estonia; Hungary; Latvia; Lithuania; Poland; Slovakia; or Slovenia normally have to register under the Worker Registration scheme. For more information please visit the Home Office website.

If you are from overseas go to the Home Office or UK Border Agency websites to find out if you are eligible to work in the UK.

Unfortunately our Agency Nursing Division is unable to assist with the application of visas and work permits. You will need to be eligible to work in the UK before we can assist you with Agency work.

For those looking for permanent positions, the following disciplines or specialities are considered a skill shortage:

  • Theatre Nurse / ODPs
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Nurses

For an up to date list of occupations on the Shortage Occupations List please refer to

Nurses who specialise in other areas may qualify for work permit sponsorship if all standard visa requirements are met (for example IELTS, Proof of funds) and if the prospective employer believes and can prove (via a Market Labour test) the candidate concerned has qualifications and experience which cannot be matched by a British or EU Applicant.

If you already have an existing work permit with another employer, our Permanent Services team can offer assistance with obtaining a transfer of this permit to a new employer (some conditions apply). Please contact our Permanent Services Division on 0207 025 0095 for more information.


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