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Anne- Marie McDonald  

The staff at Geneva Health recruitment helped me through the process of gaining employment in both Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, On both occasions the staff, Nicola in particular, have been patient, diligent and professional in their approach and much reassurance and guidence were given throughout the whole process. Their promptness in replying to queries, no matter how trivial they seemed surpassed their professionalism which put you at ease. The step by step process in which they took me through proved beyond doubt their professionalism and dedication were of high standard.
In a word, brilliant, thanks Nicola, thanks Geneva.

Jayatissa Haruma-Tantirige  

I joined Geneva a few months ago and so far found working for them very enjoyable. Consultants are very friendly and approachable; respond promptly to all the requests and enquiries. I get as many shifts as I need every week and placed in the wards that suit my skills and personality. I am also very much impressed with the performance of the payroll department; the communication from them is just great.
Geneva’s pay rates are competitive and you accumulate a quite handsome amount of holiday money.
Working in different hospital environments I gained a lot of knowledge and experience of dealing with the issues specific to the particular wards in all the areas of my practice e.g. Policies, communication, clinical skills etc.
I also find the work very rewarding, feel my skills are appreciated and valued. For consistently excellent feedback from hospitals I got a Thank You card signed by all the Geneva’s staffs and John Lewis vouchers.
I really enjoy representing Geneva in hospitals. The uniform is very smart and professional and helps instantly win trust of the patients. I recommended Geneva to a lot of nurses from other agencies that I worked with during my placements.

Kim Johnson  

Senior Clinical Social Worker
Ms. Nicola Wartho has been an absolute delight to work with at Geneva Health Systems! I am currently applying for a position in the Middle East. Although a lengthy process, it has been quite easy with the assistance of Nicola.

The way she communicates is unbelievable! Any questions that I may have, she answers them in a timely manner, actually, right away. The time difference and distance is not a factor. I am in New York with almost daily correspondence with Nicola in London.

After my interview with Abu Dhabi Cleveland Clinic, Nicola contacted me asking if it was ok for her to call me and find out how I did and how I was feeling about the interview. She called me immediately. Her customer service is outstanding.

Phillip Dawson  

“I am a single parent and was worried about juggling childcare and shifts but Geneva are brilliant. They understand my needs and have managed to give me work which fits in with my daughter’s schedule”

Rachel McGuire  

"Geneva is really friendly. I wasn’t sure about working for an agency but they have kept me in work continuously."

Maha Butcher  

"As for support especially at later stages it was good, you have been great .Thank you very much and thanks to Geneva Health."

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