Care at Home

Maintaining Independence

Geneva Health International can provide a wide range of care services in order to promote independence and enable you to stay within the comfort of your own home.

Whether you or a relative require specialist nursing care or personal support in order to assist with daily life, Geneva Health has a team of professional healthcare staff that can provide it.

A Helping Hand

The care required will vary from individual to individual but also from day to day. Geneva Health International appreciate that not every day will be the same and our staff have considerable experience in providing care whilst promoting independence.

We appreciate that seeking help may seem daunting but our staff are friendly and used to working with individuals in order to establish a care plan which ensures safety and promotes well being whilst maintaining independence. We understand that everyone has different preferences and our staff will work with you to ensure that your decisions are respected.

Having care at home doesn’t mean that you will lose independence and choice. In fact through care at home you may actually increase your independence by having the ability to participate in social activities or enjoying a fuller life with the support of our care staff.

Levels of Support

If daily life is becoming increasingly difficult for either yourself or a loved on why not consider using Geneva Health International services to improve your quality of life?

Our services include almost anything which is required as part of daily living. This may include personal care such as assistance with washing, toileting, dressing, oral care, feeding, assistance with medication and getting up/going to bed.

Since the healthcare provided is designed to meet individual needs, the healthcare provided is flexible and can be arranged as and when required.
Geneva Health International can also provide support for trips to the shops, meeting friends or participating social activities.

Whatever your needs, we can offer a bespoke package which will enable you to achieve maximum independence.

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